God's Light for Dark Times

by Pastor Steve Brown

Master of Divinity, Asbury Seminary

Welcome to Pastor Steve's website. We indeed live in dark times where the true gospel of Christ has been nearly lost in America. It has been replaced with false gospels that cater to the flesh, but are not of God. This is an ongoing discussion concerning the state of the American Church. But these truths are for all nations and all peoples.

It began in October, 2001 with an overview of the condition of the American Church. Read the Original Articles by Pastor Steve Brown to learn the unpleasant truth of the state of the modern church in America.

"We need to evaluate the present times, the modern church, and modern Christianity with the Word to see if we are truly following Jesus Christ, or being led astray into something that may look like Christianity, but really isn't. It is our nature as fallen humans to be easily deceived. That is why Jesus warned us, "Let no man deceive you."

I remember learning in seminary that scholars used a good criterion to figure out which of the ancient N.T. Greek manuscripts was most accurate. They figured the text that had the most difficult saying and was harder to understand most likely came from the original text, and thus was the most accurate. Keep that in mind as you read these articles. It is the nature of truth in an evil world full of sinnners that the truth about anything, especially God, is usually the more difficult and unpopular perspective to embrace, because it rocks our boats and may cause us geat inconvenience. I hope most of you will love the truth enough to ponder what I write." Pastor Steve (taken from the Oct. 2001 newsletter)

Pastor Steve has also written several War Articles relating to the very important issues concerning war. His article on the Iraq War has been one of the most popular, read by many thousands of people. It is a must for every Christian to understand the difference between just and unjust war.

The Recent Articles have subjects related to the Anti-Christ, the new birth, repentance, same-sex marriage, abortion, baptism, and many other relevent and timely subjects. You don't want to miss any of these, as it is rare to hear the perspective of a true man of God. You will be inspired and stirred by these short messages relating to the church, society, and government.

The Lessons page is a 25 page study by Pastor Brown on "Overcoming Inner Problems." You can use it like an online work book or print it out to keep with your personal Bible study notes.

The Testimonies pages are written by those who have experienced the mighty power of God to save a soul. They are evidence of the power of God working in people today to bring them to repentance and the born again experience, meeting the Son of God. "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death. Rev 12:11 (KJV) You will be inspired and blessed by these true testimonies.

The Mighty Miracles pages are actual accounts of the miraculous healing power of Christ. You can actually respond to the people who've experienced these amazing events through the Contacts page. Just note which story you are writing about and an email will be forwarded to that person. They would be happy to respond to you.

The Podcasts page has many excellent sermons by Pastor Steve Brown. There are over 500 available, but just a few are available each month for you to listen to online or download. See the instructions on that page on how to hear many more sermons.

Pastor Steve wants to hear your response to his articles or sermons. He is willing to answer your questions and comments and loves to hear from you. Why not consider writing an encouraging note to Pastor Steve today. Include your questions and prayer requests through the Contact page?

"Remember that no matter how difficult your situation God is good all the time and has given us this unspeakable gift of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us spend more time in our hearts praising and thanking Him." Pastor Steve


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Remember to keep our Nation in your prayers. Pray for conviction of sin to come to the Americans so they will repent and God may bring a great awakening.

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