Christianity vs Churchianity
A Quick Review

(The Detailed Study)


by Pastor Steve Brown

Master of Divinity, Asbury Seminary

Churchianity is different than Christianity. The modern Church claims to be followers of Jesus but are not. They have rejected the way of the Lord because the cost is too great and they love the world. Just as the Pharisees of Jesus time twisted and corrupted the way of God These modern Pharisees ( the corrupt Church leaders) trust and corrupt the way of Christ into a false Christianity which I call churchianity. Churchianity promotes and teaches many sins and wickedness that are against God’s way. These are just some of them:

1. Terminates true men of God.

2. Perverts the gospel

3. Loves the world and runs the church in worldly ways.

4. Pleases people not God

5. Loves and serves money, the more money the more successful the ministry

6. Submits to corrupt man’s authority

7. Rejects taking up the cross to suffer for Jesus.

8. Rejects Lordship of Christ, refuses to forsake all for Christ and live in absolute obedience to Christ.

9. Preaches a false faith - an easy believeism with little commitment

10. Rejects authority of scriptures while man’s doctrine and tradition are more important than scripture

11. Glorifies church more than God - Teaches idolatry: that people should serve and worship the church above all - that serving church and God is same thing.

12. The church teaches a lukewarm type of Christianity that in its extreme is apostate.

To find scripture references that support these conclusions, refer to the various articles in this section of Original Articles. All the articles are in the navigation bar of this page. In each article I concentrate on a major problem of the American organized Church that most people are not aware of. Each of these major problems have contributed to the falling away of the American Protestant church and directly or indirectly affects every true Christian in America. Please study these problems and let the Holy Spirit give you further light on your path how they apply to you.

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"Churchianity promotes and teaches many sins and wickedness that are against God’s way."

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