Background and Synopsis for
The Death of True Christianity in America

by Pastor Steve Brown

My name is Stephen Brown. I graduated from Asbury Theological Seminary in 1990. I have pastored many churches and all of them were steeped in counterfeit Christianity. I learned God’s word amongst the many hardships and persecutions I received in these churches.

God saved me, and called me to preach as a boy of 9. At age11, I committed my whole life to Jesus Christ to faithfully follow him, and live by the Bible and practice true Christianity. Because I refused to compromise the truths of the gospel, I suffered much persecution in a pragmatic generation that has forsaken both God and the Bible. Throughout my life God has taught me many spiritual truths from the Scriptures concerning what true Christianity is, and about the false churches, and the communistic Supreme Court.

Because of my extensive study of the Scriptures, research of many books related to American and church history, along with my personal hardships, I have become an authority on the subjects I have written about. God called me to be a missionary to America and bring His word to them. This book is part of my calling. My teachings are rooted in Scripture, and my sufferings prove I am a man of God.

This book is really a theological book for lay people, which includes my spiritual journey through the corrupt modern churches of American as a lay person and then a pastor. Because of my commitment to follow Jesus Christ, and live according to the Holy Scriptures, I have encountered much persecution and suffering from many churches. I have applied the Holy Scriptures to my experiences to expose the false and corrupt churches, showing how they have fallen away from the true faith. This was predicted in 1Timothy 4:1-2, “Now the Spirit speaks expressly, that in the latter times some will depart from the faith…” Instead of practicing true Christianity, they preach a false Gospel and practice a counterfeit Christianity, or a different religion sometimes called “churchianity.” I teach the difference between true Christianity and counterfeit Christianity.

Part of my spiritual journey was the rejection and persecution I experienced as a young man in a public high school, as a seminary student, and a pastor in several churches. The school board banished the Bible study I taught from the school, but I practiced civil disobedience and obeyed God, not man. I refused to go, and the counterfeit Christians persecuted me.

I share my stories as a seminary student, being rejected and persecuted by corrupt and wicked denominations because I would not deny Christ. I expose these denominations as false Christians that practiced counterfeit Christianity.

I share many stories of churches I pastored, where I preached God’s word to them and corrected sinful behavior. The false Christians and church bosses got angry with my preaching, because they were convicted of their sin. They were offended when I preached the truth that exposed many of them as unsaved and hypocrites. They also became angry because I had to discipline one deacon who had molested women and girls, and another who was a major heretic. The church bosses lied and slandered me, and turned people against me. In most of the churches they were successful in firing me, but not because I had done any wrong, but had picked up my cross and refused to deny Christ. I would not compromise the gospel of Christ, or disobey the Scriptures, or play dirty church politics like most pastors. It is important to me to be faithful to the Lord Jesus, who called me to preach and teach the true gospel of Christ.

At the beginning of the book I teach the difference between false means of salvation (such as the altar call and sinner’s prayer) and the true salvation Jesus Christ taught. This understanding is of utmost importance, so sinners can avoid being deceived by the false and seek to find the true salvation in Christ. Counterfeit Christianity has many forms of false salvation that cause many sinners to perish. I expose them in this book.

I teach God’s word throughout, planting the seeds for a revival of Christianity and a new reformation. A part of that is to expose the communist, antichrist Supreme Court and their allies as the enemies of God and America that must be resisted through civil disobedience. These measures are vital to save America from destruction which will result from pagan, communist wickedness, but more importantly, from the wrath of God which has already begun upon the nation. I teach through Scripture there are times when it is God’s will to practice political resistance and civil disobedience.

Political resistance to obey God is an act of repentance, and the means to escape God’s Judgment. When the Supreme Court rebelled against God’s moral law and forced tyranny and paganism upon the people, they became an illegitimate court. The people and the states must rebel against the corrupted federal government and choose to obey God rather than men.

One of the major doctrines of true Christianity taught by Jesus, was that all his followers must take up their cross, if they would be a genuine Christian. Jesus says in Matthew16:24, “If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.” Christ’s teaching has been rejected by the modern church, and that is why the corrupt, modern churches have fallen from the true faith. Hence, I have three chapters to re-establish this major teaching of Jesus Christ. In them I share stories of saints from history in our modern times, who have picked up their cross and suffered and even died for their faith. I also teach how to apply this command to modern America. There can be no revival of true Christianity or a new reformation unless true Christians will again pick up their cross to faithfully follow Jesus Christ.

After this I expose the false prophet, Billy Graham, along with many others, and illuminate though Scripture their false teachings and bad fruit. I also go over many of the major cults and their heresies using the light of the word of God.

In the conclusion, I sum up the evidence I’ve shown proving how true Christianity is dead in all the public institutions in America, and the counterfeit modern churches. The communists have infiltrated our government and other institutions and over time have destroyed Christianity and the Christian Republic. Because true Christianity is dead, America has become a wicked, communistic, pagan nation. God will destroy America if it does not repent, and begin again to serve God and practice righteousness and true Christianity. For the people and states to repent they must politically resist and disobey the Supreme Court, and obey God by banning abortion, putting God back in schools, and banning homosexuality, etc. If we, as a nation, continue to obey and worship the U.S. Supreme Court, it will mean the destruction of America, both under God’s judgment and the weight of our wickedness. I teach God’s word that calls America to repent and practice true Christianity again, and to “Make America Christian Again,” so America can be saved from destruction.


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