Conservatism (Pt.1)

by Pastor Steve Brown

Revised January 4th, 2024; taken From Chapter 13 in Pastor Brown's coming book
The Death of True Christianity in America

Let us examine the political and religious philosophy of conservatism. Many Americans embrace and follow this belief with hope that it will defeat the socialism/communism that is destroying America. Some would argue that conservatism is not a religion, but simply a political philosophy, but I disagree. It has all the traits of a religion too. The dictionary gives one definition of a religion as “a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held with ardor and faith.” And that describes belief in conservatism.

I want to examine conservatism and show how millions embrace it as a substitute religion for Christianity. Why? The Supreme Court has abolished Christianity and Christian morality as the foundation of
our Christian Republic, and they did it under the guise and the unconstitutional policy of separation of church and state. They then replaced Christianity with the anti-Christ communist religion as the government’s
foundation. This means it is a crime to practice Christianity and Christian morality in our schools, courts, and government. Thus, practicing Christianity to refute anti-Christ, anti-liberty, anti-constitution, and communistic policies and laws of the communists, and using the Bible and Christian morals are both illegal and politically incorrect. In trying to avoid suffering for Christ and Christianity, Americans have found a substitute religion of conservatism, which is far more politically correct to fight communism. They have abandoned Christ and Christianity as our foundation and submitted to the anti-Christ, communistic Supreme Court, who cast Christ and Christian morals onto the dunghill.

Let’s shed some insight on the “genius” of the conservative Republicans.

The Story of the Boy Scout, the Missionary, and the Brilliant Conservative Republican(181)
Three passengers were taking a flight to the
nation’s capital in Washington, DC. There was a Boy Scout named Tom, a missionary named Mr. Thompson, on furlough from Africa, and a brilliant conservative congressman. They were flying in a small private plane that belonged to a friend of the congressman.

Halfway to their destination, they had some major engine problems, and the pilot became alarmed that they may not make it, and he warned his passengers and told them there were only two extra parachutes besides the one for himself. This prompted an intense conversation between the passengers about who should get a parachute. The brilliant conservative made his plea for why he should get a parachute. He told of his many college degrees and his vast political knowledge and how he chaired the Intelligence Committee vital to the welfare of the nation. He believed that if anyone should have a parachute, it should be him, the most intelligent and important person on the plane. All of a sudden, the pilot yelled out, “THE ENGINE JUST DIED. EVERYBODY, BAIL OUT, OR YOU ARE GOING TO DIE!” With that, he leaped out the door wearing his parachute. Immediately, the conservative Republican grabbed a pack, quickly put it on, and jumped out of the plane. The missionary turned to the Boy Scout and handed him a parachute, saying, “Here, Tom, take this and jump to save your life. You are young and have your whole life ahead of you. I’ve lived—” Tom interrupted him, “Don’t worry, Mr. Thompson, you can keep your parachute. The most brilliant man on the plane just jumped out wearing my knapsack.”

Conservative Republicans are so very proud and arrogant. They have way too high of an opinion of themselves. Like the brilliant conservative in the story, they are really very stupid and foolish and lack basic common sense, not to mention the wisdom that comes from God.

These politicians, along with most pastors and regular Americans, are not willing to suffer for the cause of Christ, which is Christian liberty and righteousness. Christ tells all men we are to come under his rule so we can be free. All our freedoms come from Jesus Christ ruling over us. He is the great Creator(182) who gave us our liberties when we made a covenant with him to fight and overthrow King George’s rule. We came under his rule and committed ourselves to be a Christian nation to worship, obey, and serve the Lord and live by God’s moral laws. As long as we worshiped and served the Lord and made our laws in harmony with God’s moral laws, God continued to protect our liberties. But our high court rejected God and threw out his moral laws, and we became a wicked nation that practices evil. Our public schools are anti-
Christ and taught wicked pagan immorality since 1963. The same high court legalized the murder of the unborn in 1973, and sixty-four million unborn babies were murdered. Homosexuality was decriminalized in 2003, and homosexual marriages were made legal in 2015. We do not worship God anymore or live by his word. We worship other gods such as money, the state, and self and have broken his first commandment, “You shall have no other gods before me” (Exodus 20:3). Christ’s words from Matthew 4:10 are rejected, “You shall worship the Lord your God and him only shall you serve.” In Psalm 9:17, the prophet King David wrote, “The wicked shall be turned into hell and all nations that forget God.” “Hell” means they shall suffer the wrath and judgment of Almighty God.

Americans have forgotten God, and refuse to rebel against communist tyrants. The Supreme Court justices are anti-Christ traitors and tyrants. We have not embraced our forefathers’ convictions and actions in rebelling against those tyrants of the court, refusing to obey at state levels and as individuals. Our forefathers fought tyranny in God’s name. The only way we can defeat the communists on the court and the rest in our governments and institutions is to fight and resist them in God’s name—in Christ’s name—through civil disobedience just as our forefathers did. With conservatism, we are defeated before we even start trying to fight communism. Conservatism does not believe in rebellion against tyrants in God’s name, nor does it fear God or believe in God’s moral laws.

The wrath of God is upon us, and he is turning the nation into hell. The God who gave us liberties has taken them away because we have forsaken him. We no longer worship and obey him and his moral law. We no longer rebel against tyrants and traitors in his holy name and desire his rule instead of them. If we want to get back the liberties we’ve lost and keep from losing those that remain, we must repent of our wickedness, both personal and political, and stop practicing evil and obey God’s moral law. Only as we repent as a nation and as a people and begin to worship and serve God again, will God return our liberties to us and protect them and prosper us again. We will continue to lose our liberties one by one as the tyrants take control. The coronavirus pandemic and city riots are only the beginning of many more judgments that will hit America.

The true Christian response—We must repent of submitting to anti-Christ tyrants of the Supreme Court and stand up to disobey, in Christ’s name, their evil practices. We must cry out as our forefathers did, “We want King Jesus over us, not King George, and not the Supreme Court tyrants.” When we begin to repent and worship and serve only God, reject our idols of money, careers, the state, ourselves, even our families, etc., only then will God help us destroy the communist tyrants. Until then, we will live under God’s judgment, and he will destroy America because of our wickedness, which is worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.

(Much more follows this beginning of Pastor Brown's discussion on conservatism in his book The Death of True Christianity in America - Chapter 13.)


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"The conservative will not go so far as declaring we are a Christian Republic and our need to return to the Christian God if we are to be free. They are ashamed of Jesus Christ and unwilling to suffer persecution for Him "

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