The Fruits of a False Conversion

by Pastor Steve Brown

Master of Divinity, Asbury Seminary

From my many experiences as a pastor I have come to recognize people who have false conversions. Jesus said you will know them by their fruits. Matthew 7:13 & 16. The sad thing is the fruits they bear often fool people because they are not murderers, thieves, harlots, blasphemers, gamblers, drunks, lazy, wild party goers, or outward sinners. Rather they have a form of godliness but just reject the true power of Christ to change evil sinners. They have artificial fruits that appear to be like the fruits of the Holy Spirit listed in Galatians 5:22-25. On a closer look you will realize they do not have the real fruit of God’s Spirit but rather a worldly substitution that Satan gives them. Below is a comparison between the true fruit of a born again believer and the false fruit of a false convert who claims to be saved and is religious and involved in church activities and meetings.

True Fruits

Love—The love of God that loves neighbor, friend, and enemy.

Joy—A happiness that comes from obeying God and His presence in one’s life. Does not depend on circumstance.

Peace—A heavenly peace from Jesus that does not depend upon circumstances.

Longsuffering—The grace to endure hardships, persecution and suffering and still love and forgive those who do wrong and love and trust God.

Gentleness—Are kind and considerate of others and their feelings.

True Goodness—Do good deeds because they love God and people.

Faith—Truly trust in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in their heart and are sincere.

Meekness—Are humble and truly submit to the Lord Jesus and the scriptures and sincerely try to obey Him. Willing to admit when wrong and feel others are equal.

Temperance—Has self-control from the Holy Spirit.

False Fruits

Worldly Charm—manipulates people to get their praise and support through flattery. Prov 20:19

A Happiness of the Flesh—depends upon getting their own way and circumstances going their way. Gets angry when things go wrong. Mal 3:15

A Worldly Peace—depends on circumstances going right and gives way to fear and Worry and anger when things go wrong. Jn 14:27

A Vengeful Attitude—Does not take rejection or disagreement with grace. Instead, strikes back to get even. Mean, cruel with tongue and actions. Matt 12:7

Very Judgmental and Domineering—Quick to put down others and judge them. Control freaks who must have their way and try to dominate and control others, even threaten to get their way in matters. Walk over others. Ps 94:21

False Goodness—Do good deeds to get praise and recognition for themselves from others. Do not love men; use people to get glory for themselves. Even use God. Matt 6:2

False Faith—No true faith in God. Trust in money and people. Usually believe in the church as God and speak empty words of faith, no sincerity or heart. Matt 15:8-9

Pride and Arrogance—Are very proud and feel they are God’s right hand person. Can do no wrong. Put others down to vaunt themselves up. Religion is an ego trip for them using God to puff themselves up. Matt 23:1-7

False Temperance—A good actor at religious meetings, but in private usually has violent temper and speaks harsh, cruel words of gossip and slander. Lacks true godly self-control. Matt 6:5

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"These preachers are not truly concerned if people are really getting saved. They just want results no matter how they get them, so they can get glory and praise for themselves and the money will flow."