The Condition of the American Church - Part 2

by Pastor Steve Brown

Master of Divinity, Asbury Seminary

It is a hard time for true believers these days that want to be sold out for Christ and live their lives accordingly to God’s written word. The modern Church in America has turned away from following Jesus because the cost is too great.

The Roman Catholic Church rejected the true Gospel during the Reformation and is apostate because they try to earn salvation through good works (Gal 5:4) and not as a gift of grace through faith in Jesus Christ (Eph 2:5-10). But the Protestants are now falling away too. They have watered down the Gospel by picking only themes that are non-offensive and popular (Matt 4:2). They have become so lukewarm, backslidden, and even apostate because of rebellion to God’s word. They have invented a false Christianity that has brought great confusion and even discouragement to the true body of Christ.

So deceptive is the working of Satan in the church that many true believers are even deceived. The effect is that many true Christians are living in a lukewarm state but believing they are just fine (Rev 3:16-20). Some sincere believers are so discouraged with the modern church they have quit going to church because they don’t fit in, but many times not knowing why.

Some of you say, "but my church is just fine." But is it? Can it stand up to the scrutiny of God’s word? Most churches will be exposed as proselytes of false Christianity if judged by God’s word (I Cor 2:15). So many of you believe there is no perfect church, thus, you settle for anything.

I agree there is no perfect church because it’s made up of imperfect humans, but there is to be a healthy, godly church as scripture demands (I Cor 5:7). If we can’t find one, then we should pray God raise one up. We must not support the ungodly, sick churches of America that propagate a false Gospel.  


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"The modern Church in America has turned away from following Jesus because the cost is too great."