The Condition of the American Church - Part 3

by Pastor Steve Brown

Master of Divinity, Asbury Seminary

In the last article I gave a broad view of the serious problems of the American organized church. I mentioned how many Christians are being confused and discouraged in their walk with Christ. They are either being burnt by the local church or not seeing the love of God or the reality and truth of Christ in the local church. 

Christians have either quit going to church or are being put to sleep in a lukewarm state by the delusion and poor preaching. Most Christians have never heard strong, anointed, Biblical preaching. Most have never seen a healthy Christian church. Ninety-eight percent (98%) of all churches are sick, backslidden and even apostate. Hence the need for these articles. 

We must begin to evaluate our preachers and churches by God’s written word. A healthy church is led by godly preachers who will be persecuted in this evil world for following Jesus. A healthy church preaches the true gospel that will always cause offense because  man is evil and rebellious to God. Any church or pastor on fire for Jesus and living godly will be persecuted. The reason your church is not being persecuted is because it has sold out Christ to make peace with the world and Satan by propagating a false Christianity or Churchianity. God is calling his people out of these sick churches to start new churches with Christians who want to be wholly consecrated to Christ and to follow Him onward to maturity. 

It is the devil’s lie to teach you to stay in the sick church to try to reform it. The time for reform is long gone. The leaders of the church and pastors are too steeped in their rebellion and deception of Churchianity to ever give it up. The money, glory from men, and comfort zone is just too important to them to give up. God is telling His people to come out now and come together and then the blessing will come. I Corinthians 6:17 says only when God’s people start leaving these sick rebellious churches will we begin to see God start to begin a great revival in America. II Chronicles 5:17 says if God’s people will humble, pray and repent God will heal our land. One of the great sins of God’s people in this generation is the support they give to sick and rebellious churches through money, attendance and participation. While they think they are serving Christ they actually are promoting religious men and a false Christianity called Churchianity.


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"One of the great sins of God’s people in this generation is the support they give to sick and rebellious churches through money, attendance, and participation."