Is Barrack Obama
The Anti-Christ?

by Pastor Steve Brown

Master of Divinity, Asbury Seminary

There is floating around on the internet the proposition that the President, Barrack Obama, is the Anti-Christ. This would mean that the end of the world is upon us. What is offered as proof of this revelation is that Obama seems to share a few characteristics of the Anti-Christ. He is an excellent, silver tongued orator that uses his tongue deviously to deceive and manipulate people. Some people think the Anti-Christ will have an eagle symbol, as they believe the anti-Christ will arise from the old Roman Empire which also had an eagle symbol and because the United States has the bald eagle as our national symbol, they think that is reason to believe Obama may be the anti-Christ. He also has Muslim roots, which is a false religion.

Of course the problem here is that this is an incomplete list of the characteristics given in the Bible of the Anti-Christ. Below is a more complete list.

1) He is a King. Daniel 7:23& 23 2)

2) He is deceitful and cunning. Daniel 8:25

3) He has a fierce countenance. He rules as a strong dictator and warrior who will destroy anyone in his way as he conquers and plunders. Daniel 8:23 & 24 4)

4) Animal symbols that are associated with the Anti-Christ: His Kingdom is a beast like a leopard, with feet like a bear, the mouth of a lion. The dragon (Satan) gives him his power, throne and authority. Revelations 13:2

5) He is a King of one of the nations of the Alexander the Great Empire (map). Dan 8:20-24 He rises up from one of these nations (Modern World Map):

1)Turkey 10) Kuwait
2) Syria 11) Turkmenistan
3) Lebanon 12) Afghanistan
4) Israel 13 Pakistan
5) Jordan 14) Uzbekistan
6) Egypt 15) Greece
7) Libya 16) Albums
8) Iraq 17) Bulgaria
9) Iran 18) Sofia

6) He is probably Muslim as most of these nations are Muslim nations.

7) He will practice sorcery and witchcraft and will use Satan’s power to do miracles.

8) His prophet will do miracles. He will call down fire from heaven and will bring an image of the Anti-Christ to life. Revelations 13:13-15

9) He blasphemes the Lord God of heaven. Revelations 13:6

10) He conquers three Kingdoms after he becomes King. Daniel 7:8 11) He tries to copy Jesus Christ:

a) Political – he conquers and rules the world as King. Rev. 13:7
b) Spiritual - He declares himself to be God; makes people worship him. Revelations 13:7-8
c) Miraculous – he supposedly dies from a mortal wound but comes back to life. Rev. 13:3-4


12) He conquers Israel and sets up the “abomination of desolation” a statue of himself in the temple at Jerusalem. (The modern day Jews will build a temple in Jerusalem soon.) Anti-Christ declares himself to be God and forces the Jews and all people to worship him or be killed. Dan 8:9-14

13) He conquers all nations on earth and is given authority over all kingdoms. He rules for 42 months. Rev. 13: 5

14) He persecutes and kills true Christians. He is given the ability to make war with the saints and to overcome them. Daniel 7: 21, Rev. 13:7

15) He rises out of a dreadful strong and world dominating kingdom that Daniel describes as a beast. It breaks in pieces and tramples the nations and peoples it conquers. It originates in the Middle Eastern area. This includes Greece and Middle East and western Asia area (Alexander’s empire) and begins with 10 kingdoms with 10 kings. During these kings the Anti-Christ arises out of one of these kingdoms and kills three of the other kings so the beast has 7 heads or 7 leaders. Then the anti- Christ seizes control of the empire and then proceeds to conquer all nations. Dan. 7:7-8; 23-25

16) There are 3½ years ( two thousand and three hundred days) from when the abomination of desolation is set up in the temple to the very end of the world when Jesus Christ returns, a time of great suffering for mankind. Dan. 8:11-14

17) The Anti-Christ will gather his forces to fight against Jesus Christ when He comes in the clouds with His angels and Saints. But Jesus the Lamb will destroy him with the great power of His word, the sword that comes out of His mouth. II Thess. 2:8; Rev. 19: 11-21

18) The Anti-Christ forces all to worship him and to receive his mark, his name or his number on their forehead or right hand. Only those with this mark can buy or sell. His number is 666. Rev.13: 15-18

19) He opposes God and exalts himself above all that is called God or worshipped. II Thess. 2:14

20) He will deceive all the people on the whole earth except for true Christians who love Jesus Christ and the truth. There will be many deceived church people because they “play” church and do not know Christ neither have His Holy Spirit in their hearts. II Thess. 2: 3-12; Rev. 13: 7-9


As you can see, Barrack Obama does not fit the complete description of the Anti-Christ. The Bible is very clear that the Anti-Christ will not be the President of the U.S. He will be a King, very likely a devout Muslim who will rise out of a middle eastern kingdom. Obama was born either in Kenya or Hawaii, and in childhood, raised in Indonesia. He did not live in the Middle East. Many people can be described with the short list used to accuse Obama as being the Anti-Christ. The Eagle can refer to other nations beside the U.S. The Romans used eagles on their sacred banners. The Babylonians were described “flying as eagles” as they warred against Israel in the Bible. Many leaders in history can be described as having a silver tongue or being deceitful. But none were the person of the anti-Christ.

There have been many leaders who have been evil and anti-God like the Anti-Christ but still were not the Anti-Christ, such as the Middle Ages Catholic Pope Leo X or the Roman Emperor Nero or Hitler. Obama, like many others, does not fit the long list. Some people have just enough knowledge of the scriptures to be dangerous and spread unnecessary fear among many. It is true that Barrack Obama is dangerous toward the freedom and security of the U.S. with his liberal and anti-Christian values. But he is not the Anti-Christ. Let us pray that God will use him to wake up Americans so they will see how dangerous his liberal values are to the welfare of America. Maybe he will help drive many Americans back to more conservative and Christian values and leaders.

For those of you who have been fooled into thinking Obama is the Anti-Christ, a very important lesson is to be learned. Maybe you will learn how gullible and open to deception you are along with millions of others when you do not know the Bible and what it teaches. May this experience wake you up and inspire you to become a diligent student of the Bible so you will not be fooled again by people who peddle fear through ignorance. You must study the Bible in depth if you do not want to be fooled again. Always ask the Holy Spirit to teach you what the scriptures mean when you study it. You cannot understand it in your own strength. God must reveal it to you. May the Lord be with you as you study the Bible and bring you into a saving knowledge of Himself. For only by truly knowing Christ in a personal way can you escape the deception of the anti-Christ when he does come. For only those who know Christ and have His power in their lives will be able to see through the Anti-Christ, as he will fool the whole world except God’s true people.


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"What is offered as proof of this revelation is that Obama seems to share a few characteristics of the Anti-Christ. "

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