The Condition of the American Church - Part 1

by Pastor Steve Brown

Master of Divinity, Asbury Seminary

Because of many heart wrenching and difficult experiences in the organized local churches both as a lay person and a pastor, I have sought the Lord for understanding (Prov 4:7, James 1:5). The Lord has revealed some startling and difficult truths concerning the organized American Church. 

The organized church has actually become a hindrance to those who want to follow Jesus Christ according to God’s written word (Gal 5:4). The organized church has turned away from truly following Jesus Christ as taught in the scriptures because the cost is too great (Gal 6:12-15). They have watered down the gospel to make it non-offensive to be accepted by the world. There is so much rebellion to God’s written word they have become backslidden, lukewarm and even apostate. It has invented a false Christianity that I call Churchianity, full of man’s teachings and tradition to put on an illusion that they are followers of Christ (Mark 7:9-13). 

Its’ leaders are like the Pharisees of old who put on a great act of being godly but are hypocrites doing their job for money, career and glory for themselves (Matt 6:2,5,15). The sad thing is that they fool most congregations that are made up of either baby Christians or false Christians. 

American Christians are refusing to grow up in Christ because of the cost and persecution involved (Eph 4:14-15). We are living during time of the great falling away of the Protestant Churches of America. The great Titanic ship of organized Protestantism is sinking. If you stay with it and cling to it you will die with it.


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"The Lord has revealed some startling and difficult truths concerning the organized American Church."