Churchianity vs Christianity

by Pastor Steve Brown

Master of Divinity, Asbury Seminary

Something terrible has happened to the modern organized Church. They have ceased preaching the true message of the Lord Jesus Christ. Sometime during the early 20th century people became angry and irritated at the preaching of the old time Gospel that has been preached in America since the pilgrims. They called the true gospel "hell fire and damnation preaching." They did not want to hear anymore that man is wicked to the bone, can't save himself and only thru the grace of the cross and a gut wrenching godly repentance can a sinner find faith in Christ (Ephesians 2:8-9). They did not want to hear that unless a person is born again he will perish. They hated hearing about the last great judgment to come when all mankind will be judge and only those will be saved who are born again. Everyone else will be cast into the lake of fire (Revelation 20:11-15).

Because the church lost so many people they compromised and sold Christ out and rejected the Gospel to please the people. They created a different gospel or perverted gospel more acceptable to their itching ears. They eliminated the command to repent and cry out against sin. They stopped warning sinners about hell and eternal damnation. They now call all this "judging people." Having no power over sin they whitewashed it and even support it. Salvation has been reduced to simply being baptized or a shallow verbal profession of Christ and easy believism. They have rejected the Gospel's command for a total commitment to Christ and faith is now just a hobby. This false gospel is popular and is deceiving many souls.

The Modern Church has rejected Jesus Christ and created a new religion. It is called Churchianity and it has a different gospel (Gal 1:8-9). The modern church and it's false preachers claim if you listen to their false messages about Jesus then you will be saved. They are lying. To trust your church is to perish. It is a false religion. No Church can save any soul. Only Jesus Christ can save your soul. The Modern Church and the Lord Jesus Christ have become enemies. Who do you follow and believe: Your church or the Lord Jesus Christ? Churchianity or Christianity? Choose you this day whom you will serve!


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"Because the church lost so many people they compromised and sold Christ out and rejected the Gospel to please the people."

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