Conservatism (Pt.1)

by Pastor Steve Brown

A chapter in Pastor Brown's coming book
"The Death of Christianity in America"

We will now examine the political and religious philosophy of conservatism that so many embrace and follow with hope that it will defeat the socialism/communism that’s destroying America. Some would argue that conservatism is not a religion, but simply a political philosophy. But I disagree. It has all the traits of a religion, too. The dictionary gives one definition as “a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held with ardor and faith.”  That would include conservatism.

I want to examine conservatism and show how millions embrace and follow it as a substitute religion for Christianity. Why? The Supreme Court abolished Christianity and Christian morality as the foundation of our Christian Republic and they did it under the guise and unconstitutional policy of “separation of church and state.” This means it is a crime to practice Christianity and Christian morality in our schools, courts, and government. So to practice Christianity, refuting antichrist, anti-liberty and anti-constitution policies and laws using the Bible and Christian morals is both criminal and politically incorrect. So in trying to avoid suffering for Christ and Christianity, Americans have found a substitute religion of conservatism to fight communism. It is far more politically correct. They have abandoned Christ and Christianity as our foundation and submitted to the antichrist,  communistic Supreme Court who cast Christ and Christian morals into the dung hill.

Our pastors and politicians and most Americans are not willing to suffer for the cause of Christ. His way is to come under His rule so we can be free. All of our freedoms come from Jesus Christ ruling over us. The great Creator, Jesus Christ, gave us our liberties and rights when we made a covenant with Him to fight and overthrow King George’s rule. We came under his rule and committed ourselves to be a Christian nation, to worship, obey and serve the Lord and live by God’s moral laws. As long as we worshiped and served the Lord and made our laws in harmony with God’s moral laws, God continued to give us liberty and protect our liberties. But we rejected God and forgot Him and rejected his moral laws, becoming a wicked nation practicing evil, including antichrist schools and court laws that legalized abortion and homosexual marriages.
We do not worship God any more or live by His word. We worship other gods and break his 1st commandment to “not have any other gods before me.” (Exodus 20:3) Also, as Christ said in Matthew 4:10, “Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God and Him only shalt thou serve.” The Bible says in Psalm 9:17, “The wicked shall be turned into hell and all nations that forget God.” In context, hell means they shall suffer the wrath and judgment of Almighty God.

Americans have forgotten God and refuse to rebel against tyrants. The Supreme Court justices are antichrist traitors and tyrants, but we have not embraced our forefather’s convictions and actions in rebelling against those tyrants of the Court. We have not refused to obey them at State levels and as individuals. Our forefathers fought tyranny in the name of God and the only way we can defeat the communists on the Court and in government is in Christ’s name, through civil disobedience in His name. But we are defeated before we start trying to defeat communism through conservatism. It does not believe in rebellion against tyrants in God’s name.

The wrath of God is upon us and He is turning the nation into hell. God who gave us liberties has taken them because we have forsaken Him. We no longer obey Him and his moral law. We no longer rebel against tyrants and traitors in His holy name and desire his rule instead of tyrants. If we want our liberties back we must repent of our wickedness, both personal and political, stop practicing evil, and obey God’s moral law. Only as we repent as a nation and a people and begin to worship and serve God again, will God return our liberties to us and protect them and prosper us again. But until we repent we are under his judgment and will continue to lose our liberties one by one as the tyrants take control. The corona virus pandemic and city riots are only the beginning of many more judgments that will hit America. We must repent of submitting to the antichrist tyrants on the Court, and stand to disobey in Christ’s name their evil policies. We must cry out as our forefathers, “We want King Jesus over us, not the Supreme Court tyrants.” When we begin to repent and worship and serve only God, rejecting our idols of money and government, etc., only then will God help us destroy the tyrants. Until then, we will live under His judgment and see the destruction of America which has become more wicked than Sodom and Gomorrah.

As I reveal a true Christian’s response to wickedness and tyranny, let us consider how conservatism falls far short of Christianity. First of all, conservatism is not a Christian movement. That is why it fails. One definition of conservatism is “a political philosophy and religion that favors traditions (religious, cultural, and nationally defined beliefs and customs) in the face of external forces for change and is critical of proposals for radical social change.” Some conservatives seek to preserve the status quo or to reform society, while others seek to return to values of an earlier time.

Conservatism is built on the foundation of capitalism and a person’s right to property and free business along with personal liberties. Some conservatives quote John Adams, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” However, they pervert and reject absolute Christian morality and the worship and service to God alone, and exchange it for a lower standard of morality. They claim our morality comes from a Divine Creator, but will not boldly confess that Divine Creator is Jesus Christ and that moral law is found in the Holy Scriptures that never change. They claim that our nation was founded on the belief there is one God, but refuse to proclaim and confess that one God is the Christian God and that Jesus Christ has been exalted as King of kings and Lord of lords, and that all nations are to submit to Christ’s rule (Psalm 2). They deny that America worshiped not some vague God, but the Lord Jesus Christ, and once submitted to His rule and the Scriptures, making us a Christian Republic. The conservatives will not go so far as declaring we are a Christian Republic and our need to return to the Christian God if we are to be free. They are ashamed of Jesus Christ and unwilling to suffer persecution for Him and His moral law of righteousness. They reject Christ as King and embrace conservatism because it is less offensive in their quest for freedom. But there is no freedom without the rule of Jesus Christ.

Conservatives have a watered down morality based on traditional values with a general faith in God. The last three generations fall far short of Christian morality and Christ’s commands. The Christian moral law is very strong and clear about what is righteous and what is wicked. According to Christian doctrine, “separation of church and state” (as defined by the Court) is a wicked doctrine of demons because it abolishes Christianity from our schools, courts, and government and forbids the free practice of Christianity in all public buildings. Our forefathers believed that the government should promote Christianity and protect its free practice, not abolish it. God forbid! Conservatism totally rejects the exaltation, worship and rule of Christ and Christian morality.

The policy of “separation of church and state” is evil and this is why. It crucifies the Son of God afresh and makes prayer and reading His Bible by students or faculty illegal. This is an abomination in the eyes of God, blasphemy, and great wickedness. It causes our children to stumble and rebel against Christ and his commandments. Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and forbid them not.” (Mt 10:14). He gave a grave threat of judgment upon those who will offend His little children (Mt 18:6). This ruling has brought God’s wrath down upon us.

Conservatives do not agree on all moral issues, but are more tolerant of “separation of church and state.” Some will support it even as they say it is a bad policy we must live with, but never call it an abomination before God. Never will they judge the Supreme Court justices as antichrist or call them communist. Never do they say the Court needs to be abolished and justices terminated and judged as mass murderers as God sees them. Why? Because conservatives white wash sin and excuse the politicians and judges who have committed terrible atrocities. They even exalt some justices as great men and give praise to these criminals because the conservative’s conscience is perverted with this lower morality.

The conservatives claim to be for the people and pro-life and against abortion. Is this true or are they lying? The most they do with their politicians and pro-life movement is to ban third trimester abortions. We never hear conservatives calling to abolish abortion. Why not?  Their lower standard of morality actually tolerates abortion and will not call a spade a spade. They serve and represent big business and regularly betray the American people and the babies. They love money and serve it rather than God and the people. That is why they are weak and not true patriots and disappoint so many Americans and allow abortion to continue. With Christianity this is not so.

God’s word and Christianity condemn abortion as cold blooded murder and demands abortion be banned. Nothing else is accepted in God’s eyes. Over sixty million babies have been slaughtered since 1973. This is the American Holocaust and has brought God’s wrath down on us. Christianity rejects any civil right for mothers to murder their babies.

God does not give civil rights to wickedness. Christian morality and God’s word rejects those false civil rights, like legalized abortion and homosexual marriages. These are made up by the communists to promote and legalize moral rot. While true Christians believe these new civil rights are criminal and a license to commit wickedness, the conservatives are tolerant of these false rights. They even support the homosexual marriages and abortion rights because their moral standards are so low.

The list can go on and on of all the evil decisions of the Court that promote wickedness throughout the land which conservatives tolerate and never condemn as wicked. They teach obedience to Court authority while Christ teaches we must not obey or submit to corrupt authorities. The conservatives will suffer little for righteousness. That is why they are ineffective with communists. They would rather compromise issues of liberty and morality than take the wrath and cancel culture of the communist. Christians are much stronger on morality and will gladly suffer for righteousness and Jesus Christ.

The conservatives teach us to worship the state just as the socialists do. They totally embrace the false teaching that man must obey and submit to every law of government; even if it is evil, while ignoring the authority of God and His word. If they did believe that God should be worshiped and obeyed above the State, they would teach that we should rebel against evil laws and worship and obey God rather than men (Ac 5:29). Hence the false churches and conservatives worship the State and not the Lord God of the Holy Scripture, even though they say our liberties are from God. They have a form of godliness but deny the power of Christ to make us holy and the power of Christian morality to teach us the upright way of God (2 Ti 3:5). They embrace a lower, false form of morality that God rejects.

Conservatives break off all their branches of principles and liberties for government found on the tree of Christianity, Christ being the root. They take these broken off branches and tie them to their artificial Conservative Tree on its stand with no root. They believe these principles of Christ, tied to their artificial tree will be enough to overcome the communist policies destroying America. It is a foolish joke on all of us. This artificial tree will be blown away in any major political thunder storm, broken and crushed. It will not stand against the power and force of communist tyranny and moral rot. It will crumble and fall as the communist policies become more and more established. Why? It is too weak and has no true root or foundation. It has no power to overcome Satan who is the father of communism and the power behind it. It is like putting your hopes in a house of straw, when the wicked wolf is coming to blow your house down. The wolf of communism will destroy the straw house of conservatism with its winds of tyranny and moral rot.

Only Jesus Christ and his people with Christian morals can overcome this tyranny and rot. When Americans reject conservatism as their hope for victory and return to the Lord God and the faith of true Christianity, based on repentance and obedience to Christ, then we can find a sure hope and means to destroy and overcome our domestic communist enemies. The power and truth are there with faith in Jesus Christ to overcome all the evils of communism. Jesus said, “All power is given to me in heaven and in earth (Mt 28:18).” Jesus has the power to overcome Satan and his followers and their evil policies, and drive them from our government, replacing them with a Christian foundation of true liberties. Only as we let Christ rule America again and worship and serve the Lord as a nation, can we be truly free again. When we repent and re-establish Christ and his morality as the foundation of America we will see our liberties restored.

Now we are living under God’s judgment and losing our liberties because of our evil ways and forgetting God. If we repent and worship and serve God and practice Christianity again throughout the land in our schools, churches, courts, and all government branches, God will hold back his judgment and restore our liberties. We can never depend on government to give us liberties or keep them. They will betray us. Only as we serve and worship God alone will the Lord give and protect our liberties and give us Christian politicians to help protect them and give us grace to cast all the communists and wicked out of government. (To be continued in part 2)



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"The conservative will not go so far as declaring we are a Christian Republic and our need to return to the Christian God if we are to be free. They are ashamed of Jesus Christ and unwilling to suffer persecution for Him "

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