Hard Questions

by Pastor Steve Brown

Master of Divinity, Asbury Seminary

The questions you need to ask yourself are these:

1. Do I have a true or false conversion?

2. Do I believe in an over simplified gospel that coerces people into a false conversion?

How do you know if you are really born again?
3. Did you really change when you were saved so God’s love filled your heart and you love God and people? If you are mean and cruel with your mouth, get revenge and hurt those who hurt you, you are not saved.

4. Do you think you are never wrong, or are dogmatic, and force your beliefs on others? If so, you are arrogant and not saved.

5. Do you seek the praise of men by being religious? Then you are not saved.

Just check over the fruit list and ask yourself:

6. Do I have the fruits of the Holy Spirit or just false artificial fruits of the flesh?

Today we have so many that are great actors in the church with false conversions. If you try hard enough you can pretend to act like a Christian outwardly, but eventually people will see you don’t have the true love of Jesus in your heart. A goat can try to dress like a sheep, talk like a sheep, act like a sheep, but it is still a goat.

Wake up and be honest. Don’t deceive yourself any longer. Don’t miss heaven because of a false conversion. It doesn’t matter how long you claimed to be saved. Many with false conversions claim they have been saved 20-30 years but they still are not saved. Jesus said you must be born-again.

Please don’t be fooled either by yourself or others. Don’t be fooled by others in church either. Evaluate them and if they are false Christians, stay away from them. They will only hurt you and cause you to stumble if you yourself are saved.

If you are peddling a perverted, oversimplified gospel that causes false conversions, then stop and repent. Ask for wisdom to gain more understanding how to work with the Holy Spirit to see people get saved rather than work against Him.


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"These preachers are not truly concerned if people are really getting saved. They just want results no matter how they get them, so they can get glory and praise for themselves and the money will flow."