The Modern Titanic

by Pastor Steve Brown

Master of Divinity, Asbury Seminary

The Modern Protestant church is like the Titanic of old. In their arrogance they believe they are unshakable and tell all their followers to trust and be loyal to their church because it will certainly get them to heaven.

Millions are trusting in their denominations and churches to get them to heaven as they blindly follow them. The Church is telling them they are spiritually safe and secure as they support their churches with tithes, attendance, and prayers and especially, blind loyalty.

But the American Protestant Church has become apostate. It has rejected Christ and trusted in itself. The Church says in doctrine it believes in God’s Word, but in practice it rejects large portions of it. It has adopted a form of godliness and religious talk but rejects the true power of Christ in a deeply devoted heart full of grace and holiness, rooted in deep repentance of sin and love for the Savior.

Today, churchgoers worship and serve their church, not the Lord Jesus. People have replaced Christ as their Lord and Master and made the Church their false god. They are taught that the Church and Christ are the same. They are not. The Church is to serve and worship Christ, not itself. People have becomes married to their church not to Christ.

The American Church has gone apostate and is sinking. It has rejected the Savior, Jesus Christ, from ruling over them and chosen the world. They have rejected the hot, full gospel that calls men to a deep repentance, true regeneration, taking up the cross, total commitment and a holy lifestyle that does not conform to this world. The Lord is spitting it out of His mouth because they will not receive the word of rebuke and correction because they have become so arrogant and proud. The Church feels it is above reproach and rejects any correction. The leaders are like modern day Pharisees and their followers are loyal to them.

Sadly, many real Christians are also clinging to the church by making it an idol in their lives. They worship their church! They trust in it and are more loyal to it then Christ.

The modern American church is sinking like the famous unsinkable Titanic; if you stay in it and cling to it, you will die with it. The Lord Jesus is rejecting and judging the American Church because it has chosen hypocrisy, lukewarmness, and rebellion to Him and His Word. It has made a mockery of His name and caused many to stumble. Many Christians have stopped attending local churches because they sense the deadness and hypocrisy and the lack of God’s Word being preached.

The Church has become so worldly that this scripture surely applies, “Come out from among them and I will receive you.” (II Cor. 6:17) Sadly, because the dying church is filled with so many religious activities, most do not realized it is dying. The reason: those attending are baby Christians or false Christians that cannot discern between a healthy church and a dying church that has lost the power and reality of the Holy Spirit being in control.  


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"These preachers are not truly concerned if people are really getting saved. They just want results no matter how they get them, so they can get glory and praise for themselves and the money will flow."

pray for America