The Modern Church Has Blinded Christians

by Pastor Steve Brown

Master of Divinity, Asbury Seminary

My dear friends, many of you will say to me, “But I attend a good church where Christ is preached,” but is it according to Scripture or your own opinion? Do you know the difference between a lukewarm or worldly church, and a church on fire for Jesus that is sold out for Christ?

So low is our standard that today, most would see a lukewarm church as a great wonderful church. Compare today’s Church with the early Church in Acts. Most Christians have never seen a church where Jesus is truly Lord and people are sold-out, radical Christians, filled with God’s love and power. Why? Because most Christians are unwilling to give their all for Christ and become radically committed Christians.

American Christians have become so brainwashed by the modern Church that they believe if you live the way the Bible says to live you are a fanatic. They reject Christ’s way because the Church rejects it, and they don’t want to be labeled by the Church as a fanatic and be rejected. The extreme evil in the American Church has contaminated believers like cancer. We hang on to the “Titanic” because it supports our worldliness and our own refusal to suffer for Jesus. American Christians are blind to the state of the American Church.

I have spoken to other Christians from other countries where Christianity is healthier. They will testify how worldly and dead the American Church is. One purpose of my newsletters will be to evaluate the Church according to scripture so you will be able to see for yourself if your church measures up, or not.

I am sure many of you will judge my discussion as overly radical and fanatical when I say 98% of churches are falling away. I have not come to this conclusion overnight. For over 20 years God has been working on me to reveal this to me, and I did not want to believe it. After much suffering and trials within the church, God has opened my eyes and forced me to look.


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"These preachers are not truly concerned if people are really getting saved. They just want results no matter how they get them, so they can get glory and praise for themselves and the money will flow."

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