The Nation's Crisis

(written after 9/11/2001)

by Pastor Steve Brown

Master of Divinity, Asbury Seminary

The Lord is trying to speak to America by the recent terror attack to tell her she must repent of all her worship of false gods and to truly deeply repent of her many sins.

Americanized Christianity causes Americans to call on God in this time of trouble without repentance as if God is a big Santa Claus who will hear just because we pray. But our God is a Holy God and our Nation has sinned greatly. The Lord, who is merciful, will help us all during this crisis because of the true saints who are praing for this land, but if, after this calamity is over, we do not repent of our national crimes, such as outlawing public prayer and scripture reading in the schools, legalized abortion, promoting homosexuality as well as all sexual immoratily, plus all the idolatry with such hypocrisy; then He will judge us again, and next time it will be more severe (note the Corona Virus today March 2020).

As you pray for our nation, pray that God will forgive us, for great is our sin against Him. The sudden destruction and death by the terrorism on Sept. 11, made me realized anew how our false securities of this world can change over night. The unexpected suddenness reminded me how Jesus will come back so quickly and change this world. He is coming back soon and we will only be ready if we are living godly lives that please him. May God bless you all and keep you in His love, peace, and care during these dark times.


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"These preachers are not truly concerned if people are really getting saved. They just want results no matter how they get them, so they can get glory and praise for themselves and the money will flow."

pray for America