A True Conversion

by Pastor Steve Brown

Master of Divinity, Asbury Seminary

I will give a quick, overall view of the process involved in a true conversion with the different state of mind and heart a person enters into:

1) The initial state - Dead in sin and dead to God. Here a person is in total darkness with no true desire for God nor any true understanding of God. Here a life is lived for self and pleasures of sin as if God does not exist or if He does exist, He does not concern Himself with ones personal matters. Hence even a moral person trying to be good to earn heaven can be dead to God.

2) The awakened state - God comes to the sinner and wakes him up to his lost, sinful state by revealing Himself to him and making Himself real by some miracle or goodness He does for the sinner; sometimes even by hearing the word of God. In this state God becomes real to the sinner and he has what I call a beginning faith.

3) The seeking state - If the sinner responds to God after being awakened by wanting to know more about God and His word, he becomes a seeker. The sinner learns to pray, attend Church, reads the Bible and learns more about the Gospel. During this state, the Holy Spirit convicts the sinner of specific sins to repent of that keep him from receiving the grace of salvation.

4) The broken repentant state - Here the Holy Spirit brings a sinner into a humble, broken state where they realize they must find God’s full salvation or they are lost and doomed. In this humble state a sinner does not want sin or his sinful nature any longer but wants Christ to truly save him from himself and sin. He cries out to God frequently by calling on the name of Jesus to come and save him and give him the new birth and make him God’s child. Because of his humble, broken, sincere heart, God is able to give the sinner saving faith that enables him to receive from God this wonderful gift of salvation which is full forgiveness and new life in Jesus.

5) The new birth state - Here a sinner, because he has called out to God with a humble, broken heart, is transformed by the Holy Spirit coming within the person and the person becomes a child of God. He is born again and truly saved. All his sins are forgiven and he is put in right standing with God because of his deep, true repentance and saving faith he has put in Jesus Christ and the merit of his death and resurrection.


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"...overall view of the process involved in a true conversion with the different state of mind and heart a person enters into"